Welcome to the MUCM Community

The MUCM Community has grown out of the MUCM Project which drew to a close at the end of 2012, after 6 and a half years of supporting research in this area.


The new MUCM Community and its Steering Group will take over responsibility of some of those community aspects that the MUCM Project initiated including the Toolkit, the UCM mailing list and News Digests and potentially future UCM Conferences.


The MUCM Community Steering Group (MCSG) is in its infancy but we have gathered together a voluntary group of experienced and knowledgeable researchers and academics from a wide international base from both institutions, government bodies and organisations - further developments from the MUCM Community will follow after due deliberation by the Steering Group.


Comments and suggestions on the MUCM Community are welcomed from everyone via the UCM Mailing list



UCM 2014 was yet another successful conference in the UCM series - there will definitely be an UCM 2016 so keep checking this website for information.