AOHJo Green graduated from the University of Derby in 1998 and entered the logistics industry. She became Operations Manager for a leading distribution and logistics organisation in 2002, responsible for circa 150 staff and continually managing and leading short and long-term projects.

Jo joined the MUCM project in June 2006 after a break from her career in logistics when she spent time abroad travelling.

In terms of her role within the MUCM project team, Jo's responsibilities are to maintain budgetary control of the project; monitor and chase the programme of work, reviewing progress against plan and co-ordinating activity on the project; maintain communications with the entire project team; provide project management reports; develop and maintain the project's websites; organise, co-ordinate and manage the UCM (Uncertainty in Computer Models) Conferences, as well as miscellaneous responsibilities such as organising and co-ordinating regular project team and advisory panel meetings.

Contact Details:

Mrs Jo Green
Department of Probability and Statistics
University of Sheffield
Hicks Building
S3 7RH

Phone:           (0114)-222-3753 (office)
Fax:                (0114)-222-3809